Monday, July 27, 2009

back to work

second layer decon print
after a great weekend with friends and food. Some work was done on one of the fabrics.
Here is the second layer stamped with thick print paste.i kind of like it, but still needs some more work.
On another note experimenting with transparent photo backgrounds as i'm pondering the move to layouts.Unless i keep the same color background the old photos are going to look godawful.guess it will go to the back burner until i come back from the holidays.

And yes, the maillot jaune is in Spain :)

neki desu

neki desu

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  1. fabulous. love the grid as a foil for the chaos. how big is this. you should try selling some hand dyed fabric.....or whole cloths to be stitched. this is delicious.

  2. What is the base fabric Neki? It is really developing beautifully.

  3. Gorgeous piece! I agree with Jude. You should put some stuff like this in your shop.

  4. What a beautiful piece this is!

  5. I'm confused ... do you have a shop?


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