Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the way things are going


This is the second piece in this series. i brocaded very fine purple silk in places which is contrary to the canon.i wanted the ground and brocaded yarn showing together and i know the weaving taliban will come after me :) but i am pleased with the result albeit a mistake in the middle. Mistake i said? NAH! that's a design element. Some more elements will be added off the loom.
i 'm interested here in the resulting background/ foreground dialog.

The other day The Misuss asked how many pieces minimum would constitute a series. My series are not too big 10 maxing out at 15. But in order to get those numbers i work many more so that i can have a choice. For example the first 2 that i wove in this series don't cut it and they will become sample fodder. Usually the work goes from a peak of enthusiasm and slowly dwindles down to either exhaustion of the theme or boredom, which is unequivocally a symptom of the previous. Time to call it quits.

Aizome day17

film ph test

Look at that film!! for the first time i feel i'm getting somewhere. If you look closer at the second photo you'll see some blue specks floating which is not very good, but the ph is good.
i'm so grateful to flickr as i can see the process developing. It's a lot about observing and measuring. Everything. i suspect the reason i'm not getting more of a film or flower is due to temperature. Have to get a thermometer!

neki desu

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  1. That brocade piece is so beautiful! Can't wait to seee the next one

  2. this is a great concept, blending color brocade and stamped color. i love it. the vat looks delicious.!

  3. That vat looks like it's coming along nicely! Happy little indigo dance, here........

  4. Yummy - still waiting to see it finished and the rest in the series - 10- 15!That is a tremendous number - I would be very happy if I could manage 5 or 6

  5. i've been looking in for some time. i like the brocade piece, also the more recent posts with the indigo process. i long to visit japan--


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