Monday, June 15, 2009

this baby needs to get framed

hot pink dots
It looks like summer has a special effect on textile people and everyone rushes to finish UFOS.
My work over the weekend included finishing this one.I was experimenting with pigments here, the fluo pink background is pigment with Golden GAC900.The hand of the fabric was not considerably altered, but here that's not a concern.
i used matte Pebeo for some dots and iridescent for the gold and top layer getting carried away with the stamping. The strips were then machine stitched together and the patch was heavily embellished using a variety of stitches,threads and beads. Fine and dandy up to here, but it needs a frame. Not sure whether to go baroque and make an intricate one or use a subtle ribbon as a finish. Ideas anyone?

Aizome day16

Ph was adjusted and the vat is doing well now.This morning stir found it with a slight iridescent film,the proverbial film at last. Color is beginning to change still green but slightly shifting to yellow. Holding my breath .

neki desu

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  1. breathe please.

  2. Hi!
    Great piece. I simply adore Golden Acrylic's GAC products too. About framing: I can have anything. I own a custom picture framing shop. It is now just my husband and me...and we don't accept most framing jobs. Until nine years ago, my shop was did the largest volume in South Carolina and I had fourteen on payroll. I forcibly downsized the business in order to pursue my artistic dreams....which destroyed our income but provided sanity and happiness. So...I could have ANY FRAME...wholesale. Yet, I don't do that. I rarely frame one of my pieces very specifically. I rarely selected something "special" for one particular piece. Instead, I use something very simple and neutral in appearance. I do this because, if it doesn't sell, I can reuse the frame. Storage gets to be an issue. I frequently "top mount" this one of yours. I stitch it on top of a fabric mat cut to a standard size. If it doesn't sell, I shrink wrap the piece and mat. I reuse the frame for a new piece. This cuts expenses and keeps the storage area smaller. My Decision Portrait Series pieces are all framed to standard sizes: 24" x 30"; 24" x 36"; and 24" x 40". The frame is narrow....and roughly painted with crackle medium (by Liquidtex) and several layers of white and off-white paint. They all have plexi-glass and that the work doesn't touch the plexi. The paint resembles the "peeling painted" doors I plan to exhibit with the series. It also means that it is easy to "touch up" the finish...just add more paint! When I send work off for juried shows, the frames often get nicked or chipped....this isn't a problem now. I just add a little more paint. The plexi-glass prevents breakage. The standard size means I'll be able to ship many together in a wooden crate. There's a lot to be considered with framing art....more than the style. I hope this helps.


interaction appreciated!


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