Friday, June 05, 2009

あかね or how to learn the basic words

madder scarf

Every summer when i start the natural dyes session i can't help but smiling. As the days progress the smile turns into laughter recalling episodes of Dr.Slump one of the cutest, most hilarious anime ever.
Why so? because among others of the Kimidori family whose names are all of the traditional Japanese dyes or colors. How did i learn the word akane? Akane Kimidori of course! Indeed a most efficient tool for learning languages.Then after that it was a matter of putting 2 and2 together and practicing :)

The scarf here is a simple silk crepe weave piece dyed with akane(madder) that i found some days ago in the bottomless drawer- remember ?
The kanji for madder is beautiful, too bad i didn't get it on my kanji test yesterday. Test which by the way was borderline bummer. But i'm digressing .
This year's akanezome is turning well. i'm doing it Japanese style dyeing,drying and resting for a day then dipping again.Strange how as you get older you become more patient. It's all about time, slow dyeing.

day6 The color is somehwat bronzy green with some yellow overtones. Apparently this kind of color is "listed" in books. The ph is ok. and it is starting to get smelly. i'm not doing the wave yet.

neki desu

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  1. As ever an exquisite silk scarf - and the colour is delicate - I love that side of the spectrum.

  2. slow dyeing . that's a good one.


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