Monday, June 08, 2009

how it all began

Strata nº1. The central image is a photo of Bryce canyon manipulated beyond recognition :) and transfered on pelmet vilene which was then further manipulated. i saw it as too literal so the transfer idea was abandoned. However it acted as the springboard for the rest of the series.

Nº 2 is somewhat less literal and the concept behind had already started to gel. Layers recording time.
Curious here. Do you work in series? Or do you make individual pieces?


Starting to worry, there's no change in the vat, no bubbles indicating fermentation,no bronzy film and no change for the worse in smell. On the other hand madder dyeing is coming along well. Hope these do not turn into famous last words.

neki desu

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  1. a series yes...but all seems little bits of the same thing.

  2. Bryce as a springboard - now there's a thought! I love the idea of working from photographs. And if you're not wedded to the literal, you never run out of raw material.

    And speaking of Bryce - it is otherworldly. Have you been there? If not, put it on your list. It will leave its imprint on you forever.

  3. Love the second piece.
    How many pieces minimum would you say constituted a series?

  4. Your series are so interesting neki. Series? Well, these days I tend to think and design in series but run out of steam often after getting very far - sad isn't it? .When i was weaving (when was that?) I liked longish warps and then I could get a series of fabric lengths - that was fun.


interaction appreciated!


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