Sunday, March 08, 2009

rejects, i've had a few

reject-2-s shape skewed on purpose, but the card's lacking something.

Funny how most of us only show our successes. The other day Jowynn posted about her trials trying to master a stitch and showed photos of all her tests. i thought about it and concluded that fair enough, i'd follow her footpath and post about these unsuccessful attempts for my Calendar Girls February postcard.

reject3-s too many things going on here

reject1-s no focus here,perhaps too many colors and clashing textures.

It was an interesting and sobering journey.
And then again, if i can't show my blunders and even enjoy them at this point of my life....

neki desu

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  1. I like the first two, thought.

  2. i think what we consider blunders has to do with our point of view, personal expectations and also timing issues. style evolves from blunders in some way, i often consider pieces as "pieces". i leave them until later and often cut them up and put them back together as new puzzles. but i guess that is a quilting thing. i like the skew and that manipulated image. they might be interesting combined. i also like that lacy bit hanging over the edge.
    what i think is important is that we talk about what we do and think about it and you have and i like that.

  3. Gee I don't know about rejects Neki - I think the y=top and bottom one both have poitential and I love the middle one just as it is (and I am sure I normally like simple!)

  4. So this is what your blunders look like ;-) I should be so happy...

    To my eyes the first card doesn't lack anything and the second card is perfectly balanced. They are beautiful!

  5. Me, too. I think your "rejects" are beautiful. Maybe you'll keep them for further consideration.


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