Wednesday, March 25, 2009

holy batman, i see smoke coming out

r i was doing this.

laptop And look what i got as a bonus :(

Husband -san is going to be one upset camper. Right it is my own laptop, but nonetheless he won't like it . Who said that in order to create you had to destroy? Bakunin perhaps?
If you don't hear from me you know what happened.

neki desu

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  1. Anonymous3:54 PM

    if it's any consolation, my laptop has teeth-marks on it (from the cat not the husband). Doesn't seem to affect functionality, unless it is the reason why I am so slow at everything?

  2. In my previous home, there was a shuttle-shaped hole in the window screen just to the right of the shuttle race, where a fly-shuttle shot gone bad left its mark. Fortunately, the glass window was open at the time, so it escaped intact, or DH would have been more upset... As it was, he waited until just before we sold the house to repair the screen, assuming that what happens once can happen twice. Never did, though.

  3. Close call, that!

    I'd tell your husband that the laptop is now "battle scarred." That makes it sound manly, not damaged. ;>


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