Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dominating the machine


E commerce is incredibly time consuming.It's not only the photos, the styling, it's also the time spent in the forums, e-lists and the whole nine yards. Although i am talkative,chat forums have never caught my interest,as i perceive them as being sort of depressing. Quoting my BIL they are for people who pretend they don't have a life. Opinion here.
Yesterday i managed to keep some time outside the commerce thing and run some tests.
i really wanted to go beyond the scorching and now you see it now you don't phase with tyvek and the heat gun.testing2i can almost say that the heat gun is my friend.The tests included besides tyvek, angelina bondable fibers and plastic nets, all from Art Van Go.The angelina -tyvek samples got lost in the excitement.
i'll keep on looking and see if i can find them.

Turning a page i'm meeting sensei next week with a proposal for private nihongo clasess. Two of my former classmates will join, so fun times are ahead of us :)

neki desu

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  1. I like the middle photo!
    I think we'll give you a ring this weekend...

  2. Love seeing what you do with your friend.

  3. i like the top and bottom ones because they look woven. forums are scarey to me. i feel buried somehow.

  4. Knew I would manage to get you hooked one of these days.
    Love the middle one - my sort of colours.


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