Sunday, December 28, 2008

color comes to rescue


Some oddities here. Have you ever come across silk that pills? Like that above? Strange! This is a remaining skein from a kilo that i bought ages and ages ago in a place outside New Jersey.
It was at the beginning of my weaving life and i was sure i would never have any use for that silk as it was frog hair thin. But it was beautiful and the love of beauty blinded me. Again.

This is a sample of the double weave on the loom. Simple, predictable. And B-O-R-I-N-G!

dw3 Color comes to rescue. A simple trick weaving with 2 colors as per taffeta weave. Hope you can appreciate the color iridescence as the light hits the fabric. Two shuttles are a lot better than three. My can't live without double shuttle from here.
Think i'll have the scarf finished before the year ends.

Oh! and for those of you who thought my fairy godmother was a literary invention check this and scroll down. LOL!

neki desu

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  1. Even your 'boring' one looks good to me Neki.
    Love the colours in your second attempt. You have a great sense of colour - something I am sadly lacking but have high hopes of putting right this coming year. :)

  2. i used some silk on fever that has begun to pill. i was wondering if that was normal but i have now learned that soft spun silk does pill. ick, that seems so strange. love that double cloth, and what a great shuttle!

  3. Hello, Neki,
    Yes, fine silk does sometimes pill. For me, it's usually after I've hand-dyed a skein, and the process of winding it off the umbrella swift onto a cone seems to abrade the yarn if it tangles - and if the tangle recurs in the same place repeatedly, it forms pills that cling to the neighboring strands. Sometimes the cling is firm enough to break the yarn if I'm winding too quickly.
    Happy New Year to you,

  4. Gorgeous Neki - such irridesence!
    Happy new Year!

  5. I was thinking, since it's a natural fiber, like wool, it has the 'pilling' tendancy? Anyway, you crack me up w/the boring thing, not boring at all to me!


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