Friday, October 31, 2008

a weaver under the influence

weft detail&words

It rained for four years eleven months and two days.....
Just like in the Macondo of One Hundred Years of Solitude.

But unlike the effect of the rain in the characters in the novel i am busy and moving. Albeit the BLAH humor. So many consecutive rainy days and not even my hot pink Hello Kitty wanna be Wellies make neither me nor other people chuckle.
The current weaving reflects the colors that have been surrounding me. A tex 100 soft spun light gray wool. Some very random shots of logwood dyed mauvish gray silk tram for sparkle. The actual idea behind is that as the piece will be fulled and felted the silk will slightly kink out. At least in the mind's eye as you can never really tell/sample fulling for sure.i intend exploring loom controlled felting with resist paste. Hope that by the time i finish the weaving the rain will have gone away. If not the piece will be drying forever-no dryer here. Remember i live in sunny Spain. HA!

As a side note i cannot even start to count the ways i love pshopping. The photo above was shot in the worst light conditions with an energy saving light bulb and natural light AWOL .i got the most horrible yellow cast and i hate bad photos in general and of textiles in particular. After so much energy and soul poured into a work then comes a crummy photo and kills the piece.

i added layers by duplicating and corrected the levels by configuring the white and gray with the dropper in each layer and merged them. Then came the tour de force- copy layer, flood fill color light lilac opacity 37% merge mode normal. And flatten.
i got rid of all the horrible color overcast and was able to render the colors as they actually are. At least on my screen. i love correcting lousy photos!

As a closing remark i want to thank all the kind comments received re my previous post.
They got me back to the loom pronto.

neki desu

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  1. I hope the rain will be over the next time I come! Though I'd love to see your boots...
    Good that you can get busy that way. It is beautiful.

  2. you are almost as expert on ps as you are on the loom. geeez.

  3. I cannot begin to comprehend your Photoshopping!

  4. neki says, i love correcting lousy photos!

    me too.


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