Tuesday, October 28, 2008

a mild disappointment

aizome shawl

That's what my cotton loom controlled shibori shawl turned out to be . The ai came out just o.k.
There was no way to pump it up to deep indigo, so i had to content myself with what i got.
The other issue was the white loosing its pristine color to become dirty wash water as you all can see in the photo.This is strange as indigo works with oxidation and the white was gathered tight so as not to be exposed to the color. i try to fool myself saying that it is an optical illusion, but it just doesn't cut it.
However the kakishibu dyed borders look fine with the blue patterning.
And albeit shrinking a bit the cotton fabric, nice and airy, has a nice hand .

Hmm... maybe another dweller in the bottom drawer taking a time cure?

neki desu
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  1. This is a good example of real outcome vs. the mind's eye. If you wouldn't have told me it was supposed to turn out differently, I wouldn't have known. To me it's absolutely lovely.

  2. you are too hard on yourself, but aren't we all. sometimes what we imagine is beyond our reach. or maybe that is what keeps us trying. maybe you should dip it in tea? or maybe quilt it. oh my, i think playing with it could be fun.

  3. Your weaving has such nice fine sharp lines. You should just let it hang a bit in the back of the closet and then take it out and wash it out one more time and if it doesn't brighten up for you, then send it to me!

  4. Neki- Do put it in the bottom drawer if it will help you forget what you had expected you might get. It is gorgeous- absolutely gorgeous!!! I love the borders and how they coordinate so beuatifully with the whole.

  5. personally I find this piece absolutely beautiful. I do understand how you can have an idea in your mind and feel great disappointment when you dont get the correct results. Possibly in the future though you may look at it differently ;)

  6. or you could wrap it up and send it to me! :-) I'll trade ya for it! You know expectations are something, aren't they. As artist our mind's eye sees one thing, as it travels to our eyes and hands another is revealed. Revel in it, your work is splendid..

  7. Hi Neki
    Please e mail about the indigo, looks like you have already experienced the frustrations of this particular dye :) but would love to exchange what little knowledge I have of this fickle substance.
    I love this piece by the way, looks just wonderful.
    Tracy Mc

  8. from the photo it looks wonderful. I'm know what it's like when something doesn't come out as you intended but I find the less than pristine white and the paler blue very very much to my liking, more so than I imagine the alternative to be!

  9. Anonymous8:12 PM

    i agree that often what we have in our mind's eye seems just out of reach when faced with our results but it does tempt us to carry on and try again. at this point in time woven shibori is completely out of my own realm and i do enjoy yours immensely!


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