Sunday, September 07, 2008

salmon and savu


One of the many pleasant gastronomic discoveries in Helsinki was the Savu smoker bags in which you can cook food with a delicious smokey taste. Best of all no mess.
We bought some of them and last night i tried the fish one with salmon.
There are two important pointers to follow: the fish or meat has to be seared first so that the juices do not escape and the food needs a good marinade to make it tastier.

My favorite cook, Jamie Oliver came to the rescue with a very interesting and simple marinade for half a salmon .
soy sauce
lime zest
lemon zest
grated ginger
quantities depending on how much fish you've got.
Put all in a plastic bag, shake and massage the fish with it, leave 1 hour.
Take the fish out and dry. Discard the marinade.
Sear the skin for 1 minute until crispy.Then cook in the oven 20 minutes.

i put it in the smoke bag along with whole white onions and lemon slices. Twenty minutes later we were having this great smoked salmon dinner accompanied with a grilled red pepper avocado salad.
And a glass(or two) of a good white from Galicia.
Life is good. :)

neki desu

neki desu
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  1. Yummy! I did not know those bags. Amazing. Sounds good though.


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