Tuesday, September 09, 2008

blog pause


Pausing for a week as we will be in Madrid for my mother in law's operation.
However here's something to inspire you and keep you entertained.
And here's another one along the lines of the spirograph.

Back in a week.

neki desu

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  1. Hope you mother-in-law is recovering. Love those diversions you linked to, especially the one like a spirograph (which I LOVED as a kid!)

  2. Anonymous11:26 PM

    Hi Neki, there is a 'gift' for you & your blog waiting for you at my blog page
    Cheers Shirley Treasure

  3. I hope you mother in law will be alright, and that you and your husband are OK too.
    I like the links very much and put both in my favourites.
    be back soon!

  4. The fading effect of the colors used in the design is amazing. Moreover, the random pattern of lines adds a mystic touch to the overall design.


interaction appreciated!


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