Thursday, August 14, 2008

we're back, ravintola!

aalto's phone, wife's textile

From the land of design, textiles and architecture. Where people are incredibly warm and the language has 22 letter words, mostly consonants. Where it is sooo relaxing because not only is the city quiet, but also you don't understand a word, so you can concentrate on looking. And everywhere you look there's something verging the exquisite.
Guess where we were?

i took many photos,details mostly and textiles while husband-san went nuts taking architecture photos. Therefore when you look at his photos you can tell where we went.
We visited some of architectural shrines and met others who were doing the pilgrimage too.

We saw some friends and they took us to Hvittrask, the home of Eliel Saarinen and to Porvoo, a beautifully picturesque quaint little town an hour from Helsinki.

Oh yes, that's where we went to.
And by the way ravintola,the only word we understood means restaurant :) :)
More to come soon. For now check my flickr for some photos i took thinking of blogging friends and lots of textiles :).

Be back again next week, as we are heading to Madrid due to family issues.

neki desu


  1. Nice to know you are back and that you enjoyed the trip!
    I love your pictures. Between you and Amandine, I won't be able to resist a trip to Helsinki very long...
    Hope everything goes well in Madrid.

  2. loving the pics and hope to hear from you again soon, hope the family issues are resolvable.

  3. Beautiful pics! Thanks for the felted lace. Never seen anything like it.
    Hope everything is OK.


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