Saturday, August 23, 2008

are these rigid heddles, paddles or what?

6 end inkle

Back from Madrid and i have to be grateful, as we flew back the day before the accident. Family issues are more complex than what we expected and as a result i'll be blogging less frequently and studio time will also get cut down.

This interesting and beautiful wooden contraption was located at the National Museum in Helsinki. i am under the impression that it is a 6 end rigid heddlefor weaving bands, but i could be wrong. There is also a different spacing on each side something that leads me to believe those wove the border of the band. It was shown in a case with other rigid heddles and in one of the fascinating textile related rooms.
4 end inkle loom

This other one is a 4 end rigid heddle, methinks. i had never seen anything like these before and had to sneak some photos. Hope broadcasting it here doesn't get me into trouble. Think i've paid my dues as the photos came out blurry and crummy :)

What do you think about these? Are they actually rigid heddle systems? If you have any ideas please leave a comment.

neki desu

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  1. i think they are but only because i seem to remeber seeing them labeled as such somewhere. but looking at them, they confuse me.

  2. I think they would be awkward to use as paddles (whether fixed or carry-along), but it does look like you could easily grasp the top as a rigid heddle. They are definitely beautiful!

  3. I too think a tape loom or similar heddle-thing... is that vague enough? It looks a little like something I saw in a slide show on viking archeology I think.

  4. Check out this link for 3 hole rigid heddle weaving:
    This seems quite similar. Now, can I get my husband to make me one of these??!!


interaction appreciated!


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