Monday, August 25, 2008

a sisyphean task-balance


Balance between the menial and the important, leisure and work, full and empty, wants and needs, thoughts and actions, simplicity and complexity, dharma and adharma.
In other words life.

How to portray balance? Not as a concept embedded in a balanced work, but to give it an iconic presence and make it it visually tangible.

This month's TIF became a living challenge as situations arose and had to be juggled into the available time slots.
The starting idea was walking on a tightrope, then as time went on the idiom to straighten out the kinks came to my mind , perhaps as a result of a very hectic month with not too many hours and too many things to attend.

Finally last weekend everything fell into place, the ideas, the visual stimuli i had had during the holidays and the sense of having some space and time. The studio was waiting for some action and the piece flowed almost effortless.
i think i've succeeded in creating a visually tangible image.

neki desu



  1. funny, i thought tightrope too in the beginning. this is great because it also illustrates tension on many levels. oh yes. good to have you back.

  2. Good illustration! It have suited me a few years I appreciate it even more.

  3. This is brilliant Neki - it tells it all. The previous posts items look rather like rigid heddles to me - how big are they?

  4. great design ... you have achieved balance ... a feeling of rest

  5. OOoooo, Neki, it is such a good interpretation of the theme - simple, elegant, powerful - I like it very much.

  6. mmm, this is just - right. At once still and alive - great work


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