Wednesday, July 09, 2008

double weave

fabric scan2

This is the fabric i posted about here for my Jackie dress.
My hand trembled while cutting it as the pattern was created with a pattern design program and i don't have time for styling or fine tuning right now. So it was cut using the pattern straight from the printer.
Weavers may enjoy looking at the closeup and they can even re create the draft :)
The fabric was scanned at 1200ppi. Thank you Alice for the tip!
And no, i did not weave it.

On to dyeing. The vat is still going with a bit of daily sharpening. As ever have lost count of the dips, but the woven shibori looks as if it's going places. i'm having a hard time refraining myself from opening the itajime.

neki desu


  1. This fabric is beautiful! I too would be very nervous to cut in it. Very eager to see the result.
    As i can get myself to try dyes, I'm amazed at your pictures. Not very far from me (less than one hour drive), there is a man who has a garden with dye plants, and he tries to promote them. I had courses with him, very interesting. I'd love to try, but I'm not bold enough.
    I had not figured out that the drought prevented you from dyeing, silly me. You now that part of the water your have right now in Barcelona comes from here ?
    Continue to have fun with dyes!

  2. i love this idea of magnifying a weave so you can see it like a pick glass....i should probably try this on my thread crumbs blog as a detail shot, what do you think? i was thinking of loading a lot of my weave draft library in there too.


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