Monday, July 07, 2008

aizome-the return

the vat

This year setting the vat was a breeze. Practice makes perfect? Only 10 summers.
As the vat now knows who's in command i'm contemplating running a sukumo vat when i come back from my holidays. i located Indigo from seed to dye by Dorothy Miller which gives pretty good instructions on handling sukumo.
(Look at those little toesies :- D )

Here 's the day's work. yarns
The light blue rope is a woven shibori shawl on it's second dip. The yarns were dipped many times last year. This year i continue dipping aiming for very dark indigo blue.

And this is my contraption for doing itajime
itajime basket

neki desu


  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    That's a tantalising picture - are you going to keep dipping the shawl too? I'm afraid I would get impatient and open it up, which is probably why I'm not a dyer...

  2. Cally,
    i'm going to keep on dipping until i either get dark blue or exhaust the vat.Whichever happens first:)

    neki desu

  3. The indigo looks good. The itajame clamps look like something from the Inquisition. I enjoyed clamp dyeing - haven't done any for years

  4. Anonymous10:17 PM

    must be something in the air... I restarted my indigo vat yesterday... then spent today dying... love the clamps you used I'm sure my husband has some just like it...


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