Thursday, April 17, 2008


rainy rose2

i hardly ever talk about the weather as life's too short to engage in futile talk. However this morning i woke up to a downpour.It's such a big deal because we are facing water restriction measures due to the drought. That means no dyeing folks and taking birdie like showers.
i rushed outside, camera in hand, and captured the first rose of the season haughtily flaunting raindrops on its petals. This rainfall won't drive restrictions away, but it will at least give the poor plants a break.


On to textiles. im going through this restrained beauty phase and take a look at the fabric i found.
Do not tell me it is not restrained beauty? A double weave fawn colored cotton fabric creating small pockets. The right boro touch,simple obasan charm with the pockets looking like mended fabric
i had woven this structure in a non utilitarian series and now i'm going to make a dress with this fabric. An A line over the knee number with a narrow stand up collar, something very Jackie Kennedy:)

neki desu


  1. I thought that rose was a manipulated photograph - didn't realise it was for real. :)
    Your Bosnian series are very thought provoking. You amaze me with your talent. Superb.

  2. should we just call you jackie from now on then?

  3. Neki
    Love your rose photo and the fabric is brilliant. What a find! Now we expect a photo of the finished creation please.
    PS Had a lovely wander through your gallery also


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