Sunday, April 20, 2008

just another manic sunday

Have seven things/projects going at once. i'm on my last twenty centimetres of my weaving, started reeding for a loom controlled shibori, this time cotton. Dyeing two warp chains with shikon a.k.a.murasaki , two pieces of fabric already screen printed and batching, another already batched and waiting for some finishing touches and two more heat gun victims. Not to mention the dress i want to make.
As the saying goes, when it rains it pours.
In the middle of this frenzy i just happened to remember a passing comment on the rose photo that said it looked photoshoped.
Well, let's try that. By duplicating it and creating a contact sheet and then layers and filters and..and..
i got up to here
my own private warhol
Warhol, but not quite.
i had downloaded a Warhol action, but half of the commands are in French and i haven't looked carefully at what they do in order to translate them and make them operative. Don't really know if that would work. Anyone out there reading this that has some insight?

i remember SharonB had a link to an application that warholized photos, but i got lost looking for it.
Anyhow since it's all out there i googled and got this link with a nice little application. Don't know if this is what Sharon mentioned. However, it's cool.
Uploaded the same picture and the application took care of the rest. One can even re shuffle until one likes the result.
Then one can save it to one's hard disk.


This is the result.
What do you think? Enjoy being Andy Warhol for fifteen minutes :)

Back to the loom. And have to check the dye pot too.

neki desu


  1. A rose is a rose is a rose. Or maybe not...

  2. nice idea, thank you!

  3. Superb! I prefer the first batch, can definitely see a way of translating these into textiles.
    Great link, thanks for that. :)

  4. Great link- thanks, I've had a litle play! I've experimented quite a bit with Photoshop in the past getting similar effects. What's interesting about this application is the results aren't necessarily what I'd have chosen - opens up new colour combinations.


interaction appreciated!


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