Monday, April 28, 2008

how to avoid carpal tunnel

fringe twister

i dislike twisting fringes as much as i dislike taking up hems. Especially when there are gazillion and a half very thin silk threads to twist together.
i have a manual twister and that was a lot better than nothing, but still time time consuming and stressful on my wrists.
Some time ago i located the hair braider pictured here and my life changed. Seriously.
It is one of the best gadgets i have, rival to my bread making machine.

Being battery operated the fringe twisting process, which is not a very creative one, is brushed out of the way pronto. The wear and tear on the wrist tendons is also minimised, and you notice no discomfort after a marathon session.

Operation is simple.
Take 2 bouts and secure them with the end clips, then push the button down and twist the bouts until they start curling on themselves. Then push the button up and the bouts ply on to each other. Finish by unclipping them and tyeing a knot at the end.
However, i find that for fine yarns i first twist and then secure both bouts to the same clip and ply the 2 bouts together, thus getting an untwist proof braid.
Do yourself a favor and get a braider.

Life is good :)

neki desu


  1. Anonymous4:00 PM

    where does one find such a tool? I've looked everywhere, and they don't seem to be available anymore. - Mar

  2. i knew there had to be a gadget for this...and there it is!

  3. Definitely a must for anyone doing fringes. I already have hands that are in bad shape from doing so many repetitive fiber tasks. My suggestion for people looking to buy one is to do online searches for Magic Braider or Conair Braider. I found my source that way.

  4. Now that is definitely a great gadget but I eat more bread than twist fringes so it could only be second on the list!


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