Thursday, April 24, 2008


weaving, natural dyes, aizome, kakishibuzome

Shawl is already finished, with fringe twisted and all. How's that for a happy dance? Or two.
i'm very pleased with it because it was sheer joy to weave as the silk behaved, no broken threads and no problems. And i was weaving on a table loom!
Strange how actually manipulating the structure makes you more aware of what it does.

i'm also happy because the shawl came out looking like what i wanted, something simple and understated. It is very light, sheer and crisp, if you can tell from the photo. Feels as if one has wrapped oneself with a cloud.
The indigo dyed weft plays with the gold and brown from the kakishibu creating a bit of iridescence. The yarn irregularities and slubs add some sort of rustic charm.

Now i only need to go out this weekend and show off :)

neki desu


  1. this is amazing. what a glorious combination of indigo and light. you did a great job waving such fine threads. go show off then.....yes!

  2. This is beautiful. Even from the photograph you can just imagine how luxurious it must feel.
    Make sure you get taken somewhere really classy if you are going to show this off :))

  3. Gorgeous Neki- simplicity personified- the photo is so good I can almost feel that crispness! I just love the irridescence.

  4. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Wow, how I would love to see all the process! It does look gorgeous and luxurious!

  5. Anonymous6:15 PM

    just came back to admire this fine piece once more...


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