Thursday, April 03, 2008


According to the Thesaurus:
change, verb1 definition: differ

accommodate, adapt. adjust, alternate, commute, convert, diminish, diverge, diversify, evolve, fluctuate, make innovations, make over, merge, metamorphose, moderate, modify, modulate, mutate, naturalize, recondition, redo, reduce, reform, regenerate, remake, remodel, renovate, reorganize, replace, resolve,restyle, revolutionize, shape, shift, substitute, tamper with, temper, transfigure, transform, translate,transmute, transform, transpose, turn, vacillate, vary, veer, warp.

verb2 definition: substitute

alternate, barter, convert, exchange, displace, exchange, interchange, invert, remove, reverse, shift, supplant, swap, switch around, trade, transmit, transpose.

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neki desu


  1. plenty to play with :)

  2. wow, you are organized...

  3. I love going to the thesaurus too. I enjoyed seeing how many of the words in the lists apply precisely to your depiction of change

  4. I love what you have done here, especially around the edges. Is this all done in Photoshop?
    Those Heliconias are gorgeous. Is this Ikebana - or am I out of my tree here?


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