Sunday, March 30, 2008

March TIF

tif march

Photofinishing March's TIF. Too many things happening and i guess that's a sign of Spring. Since the concept was the small things in life i wanted to work with lines and basic forms and started by way of animation
Then continued experimenting with doodles and i never got to post about them. In short here is the distilled concept, a spirograph image drawn on printed silk organza. The spirograph circle is like the mandala of life and the stitching is straight stitch and seed stitch, very basic stitches conveying the idea of simplicity. All of it on gray commercial felt. The choice of felt is because it's one of the basic textiles since the beginning of times and gray belongs to the trinity of basic colors black , white and gray.

Changing direction, the other day i got a comment presumably from the anti black background brigade. i have been pondering a blog makeover, but i don't think it includes changing the background color, the reason for black background being that photos look very well. You have to be a darn good photographer to have a white background and blogs with crummy photos are one of my pet peeves. As we are all approaching a certain age and textile people's vision ages more quickly than others :) there's a solution for dancing typography. You just hit control and+(CTRL+) and type becomes bigger and more readable.
Oh key shortcuts! whoever invented them deserves purgatory points :)

neki desu


  1. I like this Neki. What a variety of eye candy you provide!

  2. Very reminiscent of Spirograph days! Ignore people who don't like your background. It's YOUR blog, dammit!

  3. Anonymous5:12 AM

    I love your work with the spirograph. On top of that background, you've got me thinking of orbits.


  4. I love the simplicity, balance, and variation in stitching.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog -the bonus is that I found your webpage. Blown away by your 'Sailing to Sado' series, reminds me of the train journey to Yuza-machi along the seaboard.

  5. This is so simple and striking, and the explanation is fascinating- I like the reasons behind the choices you made.

  6. The black background works well for you -- I certainly agree about the problem of bad photos on blogs. Thanks for visiting my new site in progress. Susie


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