Wednesday, February 27, 2008

shibori tablecloth


Interrupting my humble loom controlled shibori attempts to show you this awesome piece of cloth.
It is an indigo dyed and shiboried cotton tablecloth. Needless to say i haven't had the nerve to use it. Just the thought of spilled red wine gives me a headache. Consequently it is displayed on the foyer sofa and it gets the looks whenever i go to my studio, just one more reason to get there :)
i bought this cloth in Tokyo at a shop in Ueno where they also had the most incredible array of obi cords that i saw in Japan.
By the way, the sakura trees in the park may be getting ready to bloom.

neki desu


  1. ok. you just made my day, how big is it?

  2. Anonymous6:57 PM

    lovely- i like how the indigo takes to the cotton. i've been doing silk with my vat and must try some cotton soon!


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