Sunday, February 24, 2008

loom controlled shibori-show and tell

Here you can see the process involved in the dyeing part of loom controlled shibori.
Some of the messages i got prompted me to show the dyeing part more clearly than what i had explained in the previous posts. The weaving here was very straightforward plain weave on 24 shafts and the supplemental weft was a twill.
The photo tute is pretty self explanatory and i will just add a few things :
  • the fabric is silk and was dyed using Procion dyes and acetic acid
  • stamping was made using pigments and Golden GAC900 and soft gel medium semi gloss; fabric hand did not change significantly
  • as pigments do not dye they can be used to create an extra layer of color
  • some more stamping was done using thickened Procion dyes
Something unusual happened here as the cotton supplemental thread took the dye very well.
Taking the slow cloth approach and instead of cutting the knots on both selvages i undid the knots and slowly pulled out the thread. i was gratified with an ikat like perle cotton thread that will be good as weft in another project. Two for the same effort. This is called energy saving and maximizing your resources :)

neki desu
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  1. it's so exciting to see this unfold, and what you did with the threads is inspiring. thank you for sharing the video.

  2. Thanks for sharing! Your work is very inspiring!

  3. This is fascinating!

  4. thank you for the teaching, wonderful!

  5. Anonymous11:23 PM

    Thank you so much for this viedeo and other info! I have read a little bit about this but only now I am starting to understand. I have just one last question, if I may: what fabric is silk, the woven one? The finished piece is beautyful!


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