Sunday, November 11, 2007

working with green and honing skills

Green is such a difficult color for me. i don't understand it and i do not feel at ease working with it. Not like blue that holds no secrets for me and its always a joy to work with.

i'm forcing myself to work with green and see if i can overcome this lack of understanding. Also doing some more needlefelting to get the skills . Nothing serious though, pure craft, which is not objectionable in itself. The difference between crafts and art is that crafts are about technique, whereas art is about content. At least i see it that way. The horizontal piece, a good example of this, is a compendium of techniques: hand stitching, free motion stitching, needlefelting, painting, dyeing. There's no other objective than to try them out in a visually pleasant way.

One thing i discovered i like about needlefelting is its immediacy, compared to weaving i'ts instant gratification. Another one is how color can be created and manipulated in an almost physical way.
And here i am. My mind should be studying for a Japanese test on Wednesday and here i am happily punching away. And creating these impeccable pseudo profound alibis :)

neki desu


  1. Well Neki, you know me... I love the orange piece :-)

    Green is difficult for me too. Particularly dark green, yellowish green is easier. Why is that? I love all the green shades in nature but find it really hard to use.

  2. Neki, I love the green color trials. That piece in the last photo is wonderful. I love the varying intensity of the colors and textures.

  3. Neki, I know this post is several months old, but I just ran across it and wanted to let you know that I have this problem with red. I didn't even realize that until I was doing a creative exercise where you put a whole spectrum of colors on a page and then quickly and intuitively "assign" emotions to them. I got to red and wrote "anger" and then started to realize that my work has no red in it--in fact, I needed a piece of red fabric for something and I had NONE. It was an amazing eye-opener for me because I had to work my way through my issues around anger in order to understand why I avoid that color. Now I'm working on incorporating that realization into my work, but also on playing with the color red. It's amazing what strong connotations color has for us!


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