Tuesday, November 06, 2007

sample, sample, sample

I found a sample book with samples from Nami-san,my Japanese weaving sensei while decluttering the studio.
They are woven in silk and dyed with vegetable dyes. As with all things Japanese they possess an unassuming, quietly restrained beauty.

i find this subtle beauty very inspiring. It is the wabi-sabi concept of Japanese aesthetics which fascinates me.
If i could only ignore the sirens' calls.

neki desu


  1. beautiful, i really need to get back to weaving.

  2. Neki, thanks for posting these pieces and the wabi-sabi article. My comprehension of all that was being said there is sadly lacking. I'll have to try re-read in the morning. But right now I'm thankful to just be taking in some of the beauty of these weavings.


interaction appreciated!


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