Sunday, August 19, 2007

i'm back and look what i've found

This has been as the French say la rentree with all its connotations. i think i'll take care of a few things before i post about my holidays.
Firstly i'd like to thank Elisabeth of Quieter Moments for having included me in her Nice Matters award list. Elisabeth herself is MS. Nice, always helpful and her blog is a must visit for anyone interested in embroidery. What she does with stitching goes beyond the tried and true parameters. Simply awesome.

Then there's the Germaine Greer issue that sprang from a comment she made in The Guardian a UK newspaper and that Sharon B posted in her blog. Read for yourselves.
As for me i think she's missed the mark by 1000 yards. Either that or she's being provocative and after all these years that's a tired little attitude that we really could live without. She should honestly get a life instead of banging the keys of her computer in yet another "exercise in futility". And this is all I'll say because i really don't want to go there.

Please leave a comment after you've read the article.

I'll be back tomorrow with a cool head.

neki desu


  1. I think Germaine Greer doesn't know anything about fabric art, she just disdains women who use needle and thread. I found the article almost incoherent. Just a rant.

  2. pointless and worthless. it doesn't say anything actually. i couldn't even finish it. tks, i really need to hate someone right now....


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