Tuesday, August 21, 2007

finishing school

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Been trying to finish everything that has been laying around because i have some new ideas that i want to try out.Amazed with the discipline! Yet there are 2 TAST to recoup.
This red one started out as this
It was one of the paste resist pieces that was then stamped using fabric paints. Now that i see the "before" i've stopped being sure of the "after". Then the color is a bit off in the after pphoto.Sigh.. Will i ever stop doubting?

neki desu


  1. What did you use to stamp this? It reminds me strongly of the potato mashers I love! But it looks more interesting... Some of the masher fabrics are here on flickr:

  2. I could do with some discipline right now. I have so many things to finish...
    Welcome back from your trip btw! This peice is lovely!

  3. Neki, I love what you've been doing here.

  4. Will you ever stop doubting? I hope would mean that your creative mind had gone to sleep, would it not? That's what I tell myself, anyway...


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