Sunday, July 15, 2007

TAST 28- sheaf stitch

i skipped the previous TAST which was bullion stitch.Too many problems with it at once and hey! i'm officially on vacation.
This week's sheaf stitch was better, although i had bleeding problems. But that's the thread's fault and not the stitch. It's also a bit too busy, but again, that's the fabric and not the stitch. Wanted to use that fabric badly before it turned into a pumpkin. i'm going through a heavy dyeing phase taking advantage of the summer weather and doing lots of sample dyeing. More about that tomorrow.

It's a fun stitch with lots of possible variations. i discovered (DUH!) that using the stab method one can add more stalks to the stitch. i'm still on tenter hooks concerning the sewing and the stab methods as i don't know the whys. Sometimes the stab method feels like cheating.

Threads were silk noil from Stef Francis, DMC verigated cotton single and double stranded and some odd perle cotton remnant.

neki desu

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  1. I think the stitches that look like shooting stars are really neat. Lovely work.
    As for stab vs. sewing methods, we had a discussion at my EGA meeting last night. Most people who learned to sew first usually use a sewing style motion, whatever the stitch. Newer needleworkers tended to stab. We all agreed it didn't matter as long as the stitch looked good in the end - which means that you usually have to stab when a long piece of thread shows so you can make sure it lays nicely. Needlework should be fun, so cheating never enters into it.


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