Tuesday, July 17, 2007

living on the terrace under the parasol

Taking advantage of the cool summer, very pleasant for Barcelona. But trying to get things done. This is another one of the crackles halfway completed. i don't like to publish incomplete work however i made an exception here.The trimming to be used is dyeing and there's going to be a black and white shibori patch.The person who envisions the way it will turns out wins!
Checked Sharon's blog this morning for this week's stitch and it's another easy, fun one. Goody won't ever come indoors!

There's also cotton fabric rusting on the terrace ( thanks Lynda for answering my SOS) And a new indigo vat fermenting away. The previous one got too too fermented and it spoilt.
Strike one and counting.

neki desu


  1. indigo, indigo, it just peaks my imagination, good luck with this one.

  2. I see the title of your post in the fabric at its present state. I have no idea what you'll be doing with it, I'll be happy see what comes about as you work with it. Thanks for posting, Neki.

  3. you did a lot of great experiments since I did not check your blog! Now I hope to get back to normal:)


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