Wednesday, July 11, 2007

poor girl indigo

Or how to turn 2 flops into a relative success.

Another summer of total indigo flop.Fermented it has and it smells awful,but it hasn't reduced. To combat frustration i took this scarf from the YUCKK pile and dyed it itajime style. It was in the YUCKK pile because i warped it for double weave one layer in unmercerised cotton and the other in silk hoping for collapsed. It did not happen, well it did but in such a slight way that it does not merit to be called collapse. It is more of a texture, the warp stripes on the sides in cotton slightly ribbed and the checks in the center slightly raised. The scarf had also some weaving flaws.

Nothing to lose.Bought dark blue Dylon which funnily it's not listed on the website and tried some clamping without much thinking. The color is much more indigo looking than in the photo.In the end it came out well and i have claimed another one from the pile.
The photo is not one of my bests but i sort of liked the color scheme.

neki desu


  1. OK, so I know you said this piece came from your YUCKK pile, but does it not worry you putting a piece of your woven fabric in the dyebath? What I mean to say is that its one thing dyeing a piece of cut fabric but quite another dyeing a piece you have worked on for some time - especially as the results can be unpredictable. It does look good by the way. Would have liked to have seen a 'before' shot to see why it ended up in your YUCKK pile!

  2. yes, it looks good. i think the yuck part must have to do with some kind of expectations. that can make yuck out of almost anything. this indigo dyeing seems tricky indeed.....


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