Tuesday, July 10, 2007

flour resists

Lately i have been experimenting with different flour resists, started out by using Complex Cloth's mashed potatoes resist recipe, then went on my own. i have experimented with a mixture of cornmeal and cornstarch paste and rice flour paste to get a crackle textured background. As it was experimental i kept it simple by using fabric paints instead of thickened dyes and used scrunch dyed cotton fabric dyed with procion MX.

My personal conclusions:
  • The mashed potatoes recipe gives a very flexible paste, good for stamping, not too good crackle.
  • The rice flour paste if very thin gives an interesting veiny crackle.
  • i used a rice flour layer, sponged paint on it , let it dry, re covered with more paste and re painted it with another color. This gives depth in the crackle.
  • Cornmeal and cornstarch paste gives an interesting granular crackle- my favorite.
  • rub the paint to create splotches within the crackled surface.
  • use two different colors for more visual texture.
  • use metallic paints for extra zing.
  • work in layers- interesting results can be obtained.
  • different crackle effects can be obtained if the fabric is dried stretched or flat.
  • a bit of tugging on the bias when the fabric is dry improves the crackle. Ditto fro crumpling.
  • if you get an amazing crackle scan it and digitalize it so you can print it on fabric and use it again!
i want to get cassava flour and experiment with it. Most of the batik cloth from Africa uses it as a resist. And while on the African topic check this site out.
Let me know of your experiments.

neki desu


  1. These are all wonderfully done and I just love the slide show.

  2. this stuff is great! thanks for the inspiration. iam going to do some dyeing this weekend!

  3. Looks really gorgeous. Just seen your blog for the first time, so I have a lot of reading to do, looks nice! I like the slide show.

  4. Enjoyed the slideshow. Very interesting!
    Thanks for the wonderful link!

  5. Lynne2:40 PM

    Thank you for the inspiring visuals and your generous sharing of process. I love your blog and all the links. Thanks for being out there!

  6. Came to your resist slide show via Complex Clothe - interesting stuff, must try it one day. I am off to look at the African site now.

  7. Marilyn4:22 PM

    Question: Does the flour stay on the fabric or is it washed off after painting/dyeing?

  8. Lynne,
    thanks for your kind words too bad i don't have youd address to respond,so this is public

    Ditto for Marilyn.
    The paste has to be washed off

    neki desu

  9. I love your slide show and your interesting uses of the various starches for resists.


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