Thursday, May 24, 2007


This one was instant whip and without even trying to work fast.i used my infamous linen bcakground fabric which im trying to use up asap. The love of beauty blinded me (again)and i bought that linen fabric not thinking about its properties and lack of cooperation.
For this sample i tried filling up the negative spaces and see if i could come up with something pleasant. The stitching came out as if the stitching gods had pushed some button and an automatic needle took over whipping away stitch after stitch, variation after variation.Breezy! Even added some knots for spunk.

Some stitches were done in a twisted rayon cord and twisted here is a misnomer because it takes very little to have it untwist and unravel, but it was again the love of beauty.
i also used DMC verigated cotton, some narrow rayon ribbon remnant, Madeira stranded silk thread and hand dyed silk bourette.

neki desu


  1. Lovely stitching, Neki...glad to see you're tending to your calling and not listening to the 'noise'!

  2. Neki, a great piece! It makes me feel like I've just been able to walk into a forest that is dancing with delight.


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