Monday, May 28, 2007

exploring images and text

This is one of the latest images using text.i still have not decided whether to silkscreen it(lots of work) or just print it digitally(instant gratification) and add some stitching.
Which brings me to the subject of this post and has very little to do with the title.
i've come to realize that
  • i have just one life
  • i have uncountable weaving designs
  • i would like to put them up for grabs in a new blog
Yet i'm having problems trying to think up a name for this future blog and i would like to ask my cyberfriends for assistance as the proverbial many heads think better than one.What will you get in return? How about Brownie points and the pleasure of seeing your title in flashing neon lights and getting tagged by some mysterious power that be in Delicious or Technorati ? Not good enough? O.K.need some time to come up with something more tempting.

neki desu


  1. web of life (you can see that I'm still stuck on spiders,fabric of life, web of threads, threads of life

  2. Oh crikey, I am not in a creative blog-naming mood, but wanted to say that I just LOVE this image and WANT it for my cushions (see my blog or PTT)


interaction appreciated!


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