Friday, April 13, 2007

TAST 15 -if it's oyster stitch it's supposed to look like an oyster oi?

Yet,in the begining it didn't. i wasn't getting it right no matter how closely i followed Sharon's directions. Which part of the oyster? The shell? The inside? The actual oyster? If the shell i was getting that, flat, messy and shapeless. But it didn't resemble Sharon's pretty budlike stitches. Then she posted a link to Elisabeth's blog and i finally understood what i was doing wrong. i stared generating oysters and i began enjoying the stitch.i guess that my frustration tolereance level has decreased over the years.
For the sample i used silk cordonnet and silk flame from Dollmakers i am absolutely in love with their space dyed flame silk yarn.
i decided to leave the messy stitches since the challenge is a learning experience for me. As they say it's the journey not the destination.

neki desu


  1. And what a great journey!

  2. Nice colours and flow of design.

  3. Bernadette H.2:40 AM

    I really admire your ability to do freeform work. Your stitches never look messy, and the colors you choose are lovely.


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