Tuesday, April 17, 2007

stopping to reflect

This has been on my mind for some time therefore i'll address it point blank. Is it my own voice that i'm following or is it that i am following what's out there? I know that i want to make visually interesting textiles, but how much of all those techniques out there really contribute to what i want to create or are they just noise? Do they sit on the surface or do they really help convey something other than dexterity at best or confusion at worst?
Do i really need more yarns or another gadget to make x or y? Will the gadgets advance my work or will i just be jumping on the current bandwagon? Is it furthering my work or am i just making someone richer?
There are still more questions that i need to ask myself. Hope to find some answers.

neki desu


  1. How true Nicki--when something new comes along we have to have it and all the bits and pieces that go with it.I know we should stay focused on one or two things but if we did how would we keep on learning?
    Let me know when you find the answer.

  2. Interesting questions, interesting peace of art!

  3. I've been thinking about the same thing for the last couple of months. I've been trying to make up my mind wheather to buy an embellisher or not. When I see something new I tend to go into the greed mode (I want it! I need it! I deserve it!)and run out and buy it. I use it a few times and then it ends up on a shelf or in a cupboard. I'm sick and tired of myself doing that so now I have postponed the embellisher decision until after the summer. Plenty of time to think it over.
    It's very easy to forget that the most important thing is the creative process and to develope your own "voice" or artistic expression. And I'm sure you can do that without all the gadgets.
    (Sorry for writing the longest comment in the history of Blogger.)

  4. Hi, It's me again. I'm not stalking you, promise :-)
    I just wanted to add that I do think Doreen has a point. That it's important to try new things from a learning point of view.
    Have you read Bruce Maus Incomplete Manifesto? I think No 24 applies to this discussion.

  5. Hi,
    I understand what you mean neki desu. With myself, I found that there is a pattern in such things: when I feel down and not really able to create something I buy craploads of gadgets, yarns and books, which still won't make me any more creative. When I'm in the mood for creating I tend to make do with what I have and if I do buy things, then it's because I have some plan what to do with them. I'm not quite sure what to make of that yet. I think I always like buying shinies and playing with new things. I just don't always fool myself into thinking they are necessary, or would change me in some way.

    But then, I haven't gotten into textiles with the intention to create art in the first place. I just wanted to play without worrying about creating art. But that's probably another topic that I might discuss in my own bog some time. Sorry for rambling.


  6. I don't think I have anything to add which hasn't already been said - all of which I totally agree with.
    I'm as guilty as the next person, possibly more so, when it comes to 'must haves' - most of the time never getting used. Books & magazines are the worst - I just feel that if I don't buy a particular book or issue I will miss the best article ever written!
    I'm always striving to make that really amazing piece of work, I see a technique that someone else has done and feel I have just got to have the tool(s)and materials they used to get to where I want to be. It never works though - and yet still I'll do it again and again!
    As for what I create - at this moment in time - some of it is because that is what is expected. I feel the need to be a part of what is going on right now and to do that I have to make sacrifices. I'm not brave enough to be out there on my own. I wish I was.

  7. Hi ya'll
    this has been a great discussion.
    thanks a lot for your insights,

    neki desu

  8. Yes, I agree with all the comments!It´s so easy to think "I must have this and this" and to try everything! sometimes it´s the simple the best! i have try tyvek and angelina for examle, and I don´t like it at all! And the best - I don´t need to buy more of it!!!


interaction appreciated!


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