Friday, March 09, 2007


Ten weeks already and still counting.This week's TAST stitch left me somewhat puzzled.Started from the beginning and did some chain stitch because remember I'm new in this league.
Then worked on the twisted chain and that was fun. But when i came to the barred chain stitch i got roadblocked. Big time. Therefore instead of wailing and weeping i made an executive decision. Don't know if what i did is the required stitch or if i invented something new -created a design element- as weavers call mistakes. i used some Madeira silk cordonette, cotton thread verigated DMC cotton and some loosely spun hand dyed silk. Can't get away from blue!
i was definitely not going to agonize over the embroidery too, I'm just concentrating on the grade in the Japanese test.Have the whole weekend until Monday morning for that.And the on Tuesday i'm flying to Puerto Rico to see my mother.Will be without Internet access for 21 days. Mind you it is not that Puerto Rico is the jungle it's my mother who wants nothing to do with it.
But before leaving i promise to post the Japanese grade. Enough suspense.

neki desu


  1. Oh boy! no internet!!! Does this mean you will have 3 weeks worth of TAST stitch samples to do? Plus 3 weeks worth of blog surfing?
    Hope you have a really good time and I'm sure you're going to do O.K. in your test.

  2. I too had trouble with this stitch. You did good! Have a nice break.

  3. I didn't like Barred Chain to begin with but after having done some stitching I started to enjoy it. I like your sample, particularly the row i turquoise. It looks a bit like barbed wire. Very dramatic!


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