Monday, March 12, 2007

my teacher likes me for sure

i got one of those merciful passing grades after i got a 50 in the midterm,my worst test so far. Sensei was puzzled because i went from an 80 to a 50. One of the reasons was that i left the magnifying glass home and the chisai hiragana above the kangies were unreadable without it.The other must be a blond moment that has lasted all trimester.
Anyway we're done until April 18th when we go back.
Just to keep on with the Japanese topic to make tagging easier i completed the above UFO yesterday. The fabric is a recycled silk crepe scarf that didn't make the quality control. Notice the stitching that has much more entity than the previous works from the kangies series. i'm pleased that the stitching challenge is bearing fruit.
And last got my plane reading, Memoirs of a Geisha and the first Amelie Nothumb Fear and Trembling. Follow the link and scroll down to read the complete review.

Well dears until my return- ja mata

neki desu

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  1. I think you're too humble--since you previously received an 80, that means that you are learning the Japanese language well. We'll turn that 50 into an 100 for next time.


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