Friday, February 02, 2007


This time i'm early i hope this doesn't set a precedent. I'm late for the weaving sample, can't win them all!
The chevron stitch was a success in terms of enjoyment. i used a variety of threads including metallic and could not stop myself from wondering what if..? and wandering around the stitch.

i've decided that time permitting i'll dye most of the yarns in a thurm reduction strategy and will also use some of my woven samples. But this will be when i feel more confident with embroidery.

Oh and by the way what do you think of my adopted scissors? Scroll down the sidebar and you can play with them.

neki desu


  1. Nice and loose. I'm trying not to be so disciplined! Love the scissors!

  2. I like your sampler! I admire how loose you do these and how experimental it is!

    PS - The scissors? Awesome!

  3. Love the freedom of your chevron stitch, and the scissors - superb!


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