Sunday, February 04, 2007


After spending half a day yesterday making cassoulet a la languedocien i needed something ethereal. Don't get me wrong,i love to cook (and eat) but cassoulet is somewhat on the substantial side, especially if one follows the Bocuse recipe. It is a once a year winter dish and next day you better exercise to burn all you have eaten.

Thus i found myself in need of tending my soul because my body was more than taken care of.
And the soul thinks Japan. Revisited some of my photos and came up with these 2.
The first one is very textilish,twines tying together a fence in Sado ga shima

The second one is at the silver pavillion temple Kyoto.Visitors tend to flock to the Golden Pavillion, hence the crowds, when the Silver pavillion has a discreet beauty and the gravel garden is superb. i got enthused with the patterns on the gravel and shot over a dozen photos.

Here is an inspiration gift for whomever wishes.

neki desu


  1. What a beautiful photo. I have a fascination for Japan. Hoping to visit there one of these days.

  2. the photo of the gravel garden is wonderful.... thanks for sharing it here.... i found your blog pretty interesting... i would surely love to drop by your blog again.... well u can too drop by My Blog sometimes and let me know if you find it interesting...!!!


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