Thursday, February 22, 2007


And drum roll.Finally off the loom! The cause of so many woes. Have not wet finished nor ironed yet, but iwas so pleased to have finished and twisted the fringe that i wanted to wait no more and post it.
Notice that the pattern changes subtly as it progresses. It is intentional because i wanted the ends wich will be closer to the face in a more contrasted pattern.
Techie talk ahead.
This is a 4 color double weave.however my color choices for warp and weft did not give me 4 distinctive colors,a lesson learned.Both warp and weft are hand dyed silk doupioni. The slubs are characteristic of the yarn, not weaving mistakes aka design elements.

The photo here is the back and i am still debating which side to use for the front.

neki desu


  1. mmm...very nice, well worth all the hassle you had in creating it.

  2. It's beautiful! Silk is such a wonderfúl material to work with. I think the colours and the pattern are very nice. What kind of loom do you use?


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