Tuesday, February 20, 2007

free wheeling

Very excited about this piece.Started out as an interpretation of a photo which got lost in the computer never to be found again.Taken in the fall in Tarragona it was a photo of a building that was being redone and it was covered with a yellow mesh which rounded and softened the angles.

The photo was turned into a grey scale image and some of the clutter was cleared leaving just some basic shapes.

When i was happy with the outcome i dyed a piece of raw silk in black and after that i freely painted on it with discharge paste taking the photo as a springboard.
On to foiling and embroidery to make it all come together.
As a piece i modestly think it is successful,but i've been hashing and rehashing it to be objective.
Need outside feedback. What do my cyber friends think? Does it need something else or should i stop before i OD?

neki desu


  1. I love it as it is. All you need is a sympathetic background to mount it on. This is fantastic. You have every right to be excited about this.Well done.

  2. Stop! It's perfect as it is.

  3. My first reaction was Oooh, so think its just right


interaction appreciated!


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