Thursday, January 11, 2007

should have paid more attention in geometry class

Joined the take a stitch tuesday challenge
and the stitch for last week was herringbone. Already running behind and i have just started Japanese. Impossible to imagine how it will be when all's full swing.
Anyway i'm interested in the challenge as a learning experience, not as a pastime, because i don't have time to pass.The challenge will force me to ponder about stitching a bit and give me structure and direction because we all know how hard self study is.I have a very limited background in stitching and it dates back to the begining of times, my times at least.

Well, ponder about angles i did. Fascinating how the slant of the needle changes the stitch. I decided to go for linen fabric to avoid markings as much as i could. Still not too sure whether marking is kosher, but i had to mark the circle. And had a bit of dye run at the top when i rinsed the markings. Totally mortified.
Daunted by the work i have seen from fellow challengees.
Check them out
Elisabeth whose blog name i adore
I need more time to visit everyone's blog, but right now it's that or stitch.
Meanwhile still warping the loom for this month's sample for my study group. Tried to salvage 3 skeins of dyed silk that were somawhat tangled and have been struggling along. Feels as if this is my very first warp.

neki desu


  1. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Aww thanks!!!

  2. Anonymous2:03 AM

    Marking is very okay. I'd use an air-disappearing pen, or something that will be totally covered by the stitching. You're learning to speak Japanese? My son took a year of Japanese, and loved it.


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