Friday, December 29, 2006

for the coming year

i want to weave more
i need to draw more
i should stay away from the computer as much as i can
i will try to stay focused
i have to start marketing my production

this is what i intend to accomplish,let's see how it unfolds.

Taking advantage that blogger is seamless today this is one of the latest finished works. not too crazy about the way the satin stitch red area came out.It was supposed to be a circle- yes, still trying circles in weaving and embroidery- but in the end it embroidered out like that. On the other hand the doupioni silk background fabric dyed wonderfully.

Still threading the reed which by the way it is what i should be doing instead.It is a silk doupioni thread set at 20 ends x centimeter that was dyed not with some difficulty due to tangles.
I am planning a four color double weave and hopefully will have some leftover warp to play with.

neki desu

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