Wednesday, December 20, 2006

this is really fun and games

new animation using poly program

Yesterday i did some stress prevention exercises, meaning i went on line and surfed to my heart's content.Found this program and have been playing ever since.It is a polygon generating program whose generated figures can then be animated and or transformed. What this mathophobe found intriguing is that there is a section which includes a list of Catalan solids. UH? Can someone enlight me about this?
Anyway,this is is a crude example of the program's possibilities.

I also managed to finish a stitched work(more about that tomorrow with pictures)
put up the tree, fruitcake is already baked and some of it delivered-Holly wish you were here, this year's came out really good. And last but not least i made a restaurant reservation in Japanese!! and oji-san understood me. Or was he ever beeing the polite nihon jin?
Tonight is girl's night out at a Japanese restaurant.

neki desu

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