Tuesday, December 26, 2006

no six geese-a-laying, no five golden rings

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.... but, yes, a new laptop! Still in shock because having received my Xmas gift in advance i was sure i was only getting just a little something. I think it's the love of beauty again, my husband could not resist the beauty of the artifact and went head on to it.
I have been slowly working myself into weaving. i'm threading the loom now and have been doing some dyeing. We are blessed here with excellent cochineal from the Canary Islands which is not difficult to obtain. Crimson and carmine pigments are gotten from the bug and used in the cosmetic and food industries among others.
The pink silks on the photo were dyed with cochineal at different strengths. The red one was mordanted with alum and oxalic acid and the pink ones with alum. The mauve skeins were dyed in a weak cochineal dye-bath with acetic acid.
The yarn is much thicker that what i'm accustomed to work with, but my Japanese weaving sensei sent it to me from Kyoto and one can't say no to that. Strange though that they do not consider cochineal suitable for dyeing silk.
The light ocher skein was dyed using the water from boiling chestnuts and alum mordant. On top of it there is a small ball that was mordanted with chrome.
It is still a source of wonder how well natural dyes blend together and the depth in color. It is not like depth of shade we are all used to when using synthetic dyes. The only way i can describe it is that is comes from within the yarn from its innards.
Still don't know the project for these yarn, but at least i'm rejoicing in the colors and since 'ti's the season to be jolly......

neki desu

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