Sunday, August 20, 2006

oh porto! vila nova de gaia

This was a personal myth of mine,crossing ponte Luiz 1 and walking over to Gaia to visit the port wine lodges. This August in the midst of a heat wave it came true, albeit the fact that my favorite port company,Niepoort does not accept visits.
All the built up anticipation and I had to content myself with hugging their advert pole.There were a few unexpected bonuses such as the discovery of a brand and a sign.
It said something like Good that you're finally here, port wine has been waiting for you for 200 years.That,to any port drinker brings tears to one's eyes. This copy I got straight since for a Spanish speaker Portuguese is vile, full of false cognates.

You can see why the river is called Douro- river of gold.

Touristy view of Porto from Gaia

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