Wednesday, August 23, 2006

and then some food

I took the advantage of being in Porto to buy some piripiri that superb Portuguese ultra spicy sauce which goes well with almost everything.
There's no excuse now for not making one of our favorite Portuguese recipes -codfish souffle.
1 lb unsalted codfish
1/8 teasp.paprika
1/8 teasp. 1/2 cu. milk
1/4 teasp. piripiri
1tbs lemon juice
1/2cup dried breadcrumbs
3 egg yolks
3 egg whites stiffly beaten
chopped coriander

Flake and mash the fish into a smooth paste.season with paprika piripiri and lemon juice.
Blend breadcrumbs with milk and cook for 5 min. med heat.
Retire from fire and blend the seasoned fish, beat the egg yolks and add.
Beat thewhites until stiff and fold them into the mixture .
Butter a soufflé dish and spoon in the mixture. Set in the soufflé dish in a large pan with hot water and place it in a pre heated oven at
350ºf.bake around 30 minutes until the top is firm,well risen and golden .
Serve hot with a choped cilantro sprinkled on top and a spicy tomato sauce.
This dish goes well with a chilled white vinho verde or a Rueda from Spain

Here's another super favorite a very interesting combination of pork and clams,
porco alentejano
Bon appetit!

neki desu

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